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Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus – Personal Use for Students

Students can get Office free from Microsoft

Office 365Microsoft has begun providing Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus to UC Irvine students at no cost thanks to a staff campus agreement program (MCCA).

Note: Faculty and staff whose departments are enrolled in MCCA licensing (or individuals who have purchased licenses for Office 365 ProPlus) are also eligible but they should NOT proceed with the steps laid out below; instead, they should visit this page for steps on how to download the software via OWA to their mobile devices and computers.

This agreement** allows Microsoft to provide current students with the latest version of full Microsoft Office on their personally-owned devices while they are enrolled. Included is 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage. Office for computers, smartphones, and tablets are included.

How to Install Office ProPlus

You will create a special Microsoft account to obtain the software. OIT’s involvement in the process is merely to link the special Microsoft account to your UCI email. The software and the download mechanism are provided by Microsoft and may be changed at Microsoft’s discretion.

Note: You must uninstall previous versions of Office before installing.

  1. Setup to download Office ProPlus… By clicking this link, you assert that you are a currently enrolled UCI student. When your affiliation with the university ends, you may purchase Office to continue using the the software and edit your files. After choosing this link, you should come back to this page to continue with step 2. (Note - step #5 below is where you actually install Microsoft Office. Steps 1-3 can be done from any computer.)
  2. Step 1 above has set up special mail forwarding to enable distribution of the software. Your Microsoft account will be in the form of "".
  3. Click here and when asked for an email address, enter it in the format "". This will be your Microsoft account. Microsoft will send you a special link via email. Look in your regular UCI email.
  4. (This step should be done from the computer you will install Office on.) Follow the instructions in the email to create your new Microsoft account. If you are logged on to any other Microsoft account, log off before visiting the Microsoft site. You will be prompted to create a unique password and enter your birthdate.
  5. Login to Office 365 “for work, school, or University” with your "" Microsoft account.
  6. Follow Microsoft's instructions to install Office.

** This program is an offering to individuals by Microsoft.  While these instructions and FAQs summarize key parts of Microsoft current terms governing the program, they are not a substitute for Microsoft’s own statements regarding the program.  Those statements and terms of use  govern the agreement.  Because Microsoft's rules and instructions are subject to change over time, please consult and follow them in preference to relying only on this summary.

Frequently Asked Questions

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I forgot my password.

Visit and select the link 'Can’t access your account?' to use Microsoft's self-service password reset tool. Remember to enter your username in the correct format:

Who is eligible?

Currently enrolled students are eligible.

How long can I use Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus?

Students can use this plan until they graduate or are no longer enrolled at UC Irvine.

How does Microsoft know I'm still eligible for free Office Pro Plus?

Every year you will be asked to reauthorize your UCI status with your account.

What happens after I graduate?

After graduation you can purchase Office to continue using the software and have access to edit your files.

Are there other ways to get Microsoft Office?

Yes. Microsoft has a few options for home use.  And, of course, if you are installing on a university-owned system, you should take advantage of your MCCA licensing.

How many computers and devices can I install Office on?

You may install the Office software on up to five computers, five tablets and five mobile phones.

Why do I have to create a Microsoft ID? Why not

The group of people entitled to addresses, and the group of people who are eligible for free Microsoft Office Pro Plus licensing are not the same, so we have developed a separate mechanism for those who want free Office Pro Plus.

What are the minimum system requirements?

To install Office 365 Education for Students, your PC or Mac must meet the minimum system requirements. View the system requirements.

I'm having trouble installing Office, where can I get help?

If you're experiencing issues trying to install Office on your PC or Mac, see Troubleshoot Office installation with Office 365 for business.

I'm receiving an error stating that there is a problem with my account and to contact my administrators.

UCI does not manage the Microsoft accounts that are used to obtain the Office software suite. Ultimately, Microsoft is responsible with helping you troubleshoot issues with the account.

With that said, if you receive this error, signing out and back into the Office program that you are and then restarting your computer may fix this specific issue. See this screenshot for where to sign-out and back in.

How does one transfer files between one’s own Microsoft OneDrive accounts? (high school account, UCI account, personal account) ?

At this point, this is a manual process.  Microsoft may provide additional tools of features in the future.

I'm having trouble with activation.

  • Microsoft's login page has a link to facilitate password resets.
  • If you mistype your birthdate when creating your Microsoft account, try the registration process again and follow the registration link in the email received either on another computer or using InPrivate Browsing (in IE) or Incognito Browsing (in Chrome) and you should be able to re-register with the correct birthdate.

Call Microsoft

If you are having problems please call Microsoft at: 1-800-642-7676
Select Home User and follow the prompts for Office Install help

Alternate Phone Support: 1-800-865-9408

  • Office 365
  • options, 4,1,5 for Office Pro Plus

Call or visit the closest Microsoft Store:

Microsoft Store at South Coast Plaza

3333 Bristol Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Can I be certain that I'm on the right Microsoft page to login?

Microsoft has a variety of login points to Office 365.  The login pages should be for Work, School, or University. This is contrasted against for Home, which is used when one purchases a retail copy of Office 365.

  • The Work, School, or University login pages have URLs with
  • The for Home login pages have URLs with and are *not* for use with the IDs.

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