OIT Service Desk

New Service Request Software

To better serve the campus, OIT is implementing new software to create, update, and resolve service requests. This software is built upon ServiceNow, an industry standard IT Service Management platform.

We are calling this new software OIT Service Desk to reflect the teams within OIT who answer questions, resolve incidents, fulfill requests, and develop new tools and services.

The OIT Help Desk, part of that team effort, is still your first place to report technology problems or request service from OIT.

OIT Service Desk Launch – November 24

The new software will be implemented in phases and information will be added to this page as new elements of OIT Service Desk are introduced.  We started using OIT Service Desk on November 24, 2014.

What Does it Mean to Me?

Reporting Problems

Reporting Problems

Nothing will change in the way you ask for help.  Please call the OIT Help Desk (949) 824-2222 or send email to oit@uci.edu.

Better Email Communications

Better Email Communication

OIT Service Desk communicates with customers by email.  If you have been receiving email from the previous system (Footprints), the layout and information in the email will be different. Please note, you may still receive email from Footprints if your request is being handled by an OIT team not included in the first phase of implementation.

OIT Service Desk email messages will notify you when a request has been created, when new information is available (or needed from you) and when your issue is resolved.

There are three ways you can use this email.

  1. You can reply to a message, and your reply will become part of the incident record.
  2. You can use links within these email messages to connect to the Web interface of OIT Service Desk and directly track the progress of your requests.
  3. Finally, when we believe your incident has been resolved, you have a choice.  If you agree that the problem is solved, you need do nothing, allowing the ticket to close.  If you don’t think the problem has been solved, there is a link in the resolution email which will re-open the ticket and continue the process of diagnosis and solution.

New Self-Service Web

New Self-Service Web Interface

In addition to getting email from the system, allowing you to follow the progress of your request, OIT Service Desk provides a web interface where you can review your tickets, or even make new requests and report problems.

If, for example, you click on the ticket number in an email from OIT Service Desk, you will see a screen like this, showing you current information on your issue:


From this page, you can see everything that has happened with your ticket (“Activity”), you can send new information to OIT  (“Additional Comments”) field, or you can even indicate that the problem affects more or fewer people than you originally thought (“Impact”).

You can also log in directly to OIT Service Desk (http://uci.service-now.com/) and see all your current requests (“My Open Incidents”), and a button for new tickets (“Create Incident”):



If you have questions about OIT Service Desk, or suggestions for improvements in the way it works, please contact the OIT Help Desk.