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IMPORTANT regarding Recharge Reports: 

Do NOT login to Pinnacle until *after* the 5th working day of each month to view your recharge reports, as they are not finalized until then.  You may see an incorrect report if you login prior to the 5th working day.  View your recharge report AFTER you see OIT charges posted in KFS.

Review your recharge reports monthly; billing adjustments must be requested within 30 days.  UCI Policy

If you have questions, call 4-6388 or email with "Pinnacle Billing" in the subject line.  


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In August 2017, OIT replaced its 25-year-old Telephone Billing System with a new billing system called Pinnacle. To review your billing statement, you will access Pinnacle directly rather than using the Electronic Document Library (EDL). EDL will remain available for several years to allow access to past telecommunication recharge statements.

How do I get access to Pinnacle?

Everyone who had access to view phone recharge statements in EDL will have access to Pinnacle. Access to Pinnacle is governed by KSAMS. Either your manager or your DSA can request the role Pinnacle Report Viewer on your behalf, along with specifying the KFS Primary Org(s) of the department(s) whose recharge statemetns they want you to view.

Most everyone should be familiar with how to request access via KSAMS, but if you need a refresher you can visit our Help Topic. Please allow 1-2 business days to process your request.

How will I (or my DSA) know which KFS Org to choose?

The vast majority of phone bills are in the KFS 8xxx level orgs, so start with that. While there are a number of phone bills in 7xxx as well, not all departments will have bills at that lower level. You can use this great KFS Decision Support report (called "KFS Chart of Accounts Inquiry") to help you find which account numbers are located in which KFS orgs.

How do I log into Pinnacle?

Select the link at the top of this page to login. You'll use your UCInetID and password to access Pinnacle.

Alternatively, you can find the link to Pinnacle Billing under "My Applications" in Zotportal. For some users, it may appear under "Restricted Applications" near the bottom.

Please do NOT attempt to login using the vendor login screen at

Why I am getting a 'Not Found' error when logging in with my UCInetID and password?

If you're getting this error, it's because you don't yet have an account on Pinnacle. Either your manager or your DSA can request the KSAMS role Pinnacle Report Viewer on your behalf, along with specifying the KFS Primary Org(s) of the department(s) whose bills they'd like you to view.

I'm getting the 'Invalid Credentials' error when logging in.

You will see this error when you try to login using the Pinnacle 'vendor' login page ( Please do NOT attempt to login at that page; instead, use the link at the top of this page or you can use the link under "My Applications" in Zotportal (for some users, it may appear under "Restricted Applications" near the bottom).

How do I view my bill in Pinnacle?

Pinnacle gives you two options of how to view the recharge statement:

Learn how to access each below.

View the Bill Summary (as a PDF)

  1. Login to Pinnacle.
  2. In the upper-right corner (just below a pulldown menu) you will see another menu. Select the item labeled "Reports".
  3. On the next page under the Department Billing tab, select the green "Search" button to see all the phone bills for all Department Number(s) that are assigned to your account.
    • The Department Number is the 4-digit KFS Primary Org number for the department(s) which you are authorized to view.
    • Alternatively, you can enter a date into the “Billing Date” field or you can select the Calendar icon and pick a date range, and then select the "Search" button.
  4. In the search results below, select the "Billing Date" of the report you'd like to view.
    • If you don't see the reports for the Department Number you're looking for, please open a ServiceNow ticket with the Help Desk.
  5. On the next page, select “View Report” and the Bill Summary will open as a PDF in a new window in your browser. NOTE: You may need to enable pop-ups in your browser.
    • To download the bill as a PDF, select the button with a down arrow in the upper-right corner.

View the Bill Details as a CSV

There are 5 tabs in the “Department Billing” section. If you want to drill down and see a detailed Summary By Account, Individual Bills, Non-Usage Charges, or Usage Charges, just select the corresponding link in the menu bar up above.

  • Summary, which lists the total recurring, one time charges and usage for that month.
  • Summary by Account, which allows you to search charges for a KFS account that has OIT phone charges on it within that org code.
    • For example, if you want to see the charges for extension x41234 that was billed to IR-GF12345, type %GF12345 in the Expense Account field and select "Search".
      • In Pinnacle, the % symbol is used to narrow your search results.
  • Individual bills is not currently being used. You can disregard it for now.
  • Non-Usage Charges, which allows you to search recurring and one time charges for a Service Number (i.e. phone number), an Expense Account (i.e a KFS account number), or for both.
    • For example, if service numbers x41234 and x45678 are both charged to GF12345 and you only want to see how much is charged for x41234, you can type %1234 in the Service Number field and type %GF12345 in the Expense Account field, and then select “Search”.
  • Usage Charges, which allows you to see usage charges for a service number (i.e. phone number), an expense account, or for both.

To download the bill as a CSV file, select the button with a down arrow in the menu bar above.

I'm getting a 'No Data Found' error when I try to view my bill.

The vast majority of phone numbers are assigned at the 8xxx KFS org level. Only the Medical Center has phone numbers at the 9xxx level.

While there are a good amount of phone numbers assigned at the 7xxx level, not all 7xxx and lower levels (6xxx) will have phone numbers assigned. When there is no bill present, you will see the error ‘no data returned.’ Please open a ticket with the Help Desk so we can help you get the access you need.

I have a question about the content of my bill.

You can open a ticket for the OIT Billing office to investigate. Please note that OIT loads your telephone bill into Pinnacle during the 1st week of each month, and during that time we carefully review your telephone charges for any obvious discrepancies. Because of this, we ask that you NOT login to Pinnacle until *after* the 5th working day of each month, as the recharge statements are not yet finalized and may be incomplete. You can view the recharge report after you see OIT charges posted in KFS.

How do I change the account number that is being billed?

If you would like to change the account number that is being billed for any given extension, you can so through our Telecommunications Billing Change form located in the Employee Self-Service section of the OIT Service Desk website. After filling out the form, you will be notified by email once the change has been made.

I've tried the steps above but I'm still having trouble.

If you're still having trouble, feel free to open a ticket. When doing so, please provide the following:

  • Your full name
  • Your UCInetID (the first part of your email address, not your ID number)
  • A detailed description of the issue

Failure to provide this information will delay our response.

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