The UC system has recently entered into an agreement with Siteimprove to provide quality assurance monitoring for websites across UC locations. Some of the monitoring and reporting features offered by Siteimprove include:

  • Accessibility
  • SEO
  • Link checking
  • Spell checking

This service is funded entirely through UCOP and is offered at no charge at the campus or unit level.

Siteimprove Overview

Siteimprove crawls your website every five days, analyzing your content to identify Quality Assurance issues, ensure Accessibility compliance, and enhance visibility with improved SEO.

When you log on to Siteimprove, the effectiveness of your website is displayed in an easy-to-use dashboard, with a Digital Certainty Index™ that turns complex website measures into one simple score.

With just a few clicks, you'll be able to view errors, mistakes, and areas for improvement, with guidance on how to fix the issues spelled out in plain English.

As you resolve issues, you can re-crawl pages of your site and watch your scores improve.

Getting Started

First things first, you should talk to your team and devise a plan for using Siteimprove.

While the tool itself is very powerful in providing actionable intelligence, you will still need to make manual corrections & improvements to your website's content (and sometimes to the code). It's best to define who will be involved and how the process will be managed upfront.

Once you're ready, simply open a ticket to request a Siteimprove account.

How Do I...?

Siteimprove has an incredibly comprehensive Help Center, so please consult their documentation if you have usability questions.

IT Help Desk support will be limited to technical questions where administrator assistance may be required (such as initiating/revoking user access and requesting sites to be added or removed).

But don't worry! If we can't help you directly, there's enhanced support available through Siteimprove and we'll ensure your issue is handled by an expert.

Open a ServiceNow ticket and we'll take it from there! When opening the ticket, please provide as much detail as possible.