Voicemail Transition Guide

New UCI Voicemail
Getting Prepared to Switch Over


In the new UCI Voicemail System, you will start with a “clean” mailbox.  New and/or saved messages will not be moved from the old system to the new system.  However, you will be able to access the old voicemail system until June 30, 2016.

After June 30, the old voicemail system will be decommissioned and all the mailboxes and messages will be deleted and no longer accessible.

The size of your new voicemail box will be automatically increased to receive more messages and to accommodate the extended length of voicemails messages and greetings:

Setting Current (Basic) New (Basic)
Maximum Voicemail Incoming Message Length (in seconds) 60 180
Maximum Greeting Length (in seconds) 120 180
Maximum Message Count (in mailbox) 30 90

New Voicemail went live on Monday, February 22, 2016.

To make the transition to the new voicemail system as seamless as possible, please log in to the new voicemail system as soon as possible to set up your new voicemail box.  You will have approximately 30 days to set up your new voicemail box.

Please Note: Starting February 22,  4-8989 will take you to the new system, and you can use 4-0011 to access any messages saved in the old system.

  1. Please read and follow the instructions on Page 3 in the UCI Voicemail User Guide (PDF) to set up your mailbox.
  2. Please listen carefully to the prompts.  There are significant differences in the menu options and in some of the features.  Please refer to the following document for these differences: UCI Voicemail System Differences – Old vs. New (PDF)
  3. Additional documentation is also available using the UCI Voicemail Quick Reference Chart (PDF).

Please call the OIT Help Desk at extension 4-2222 if you need assistance with these instructions or if you have questions.

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