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Web PhoneManager

With Web PhoneManager (WPM), you can manage your voicemail messages and personal settings online! WPM is available to all campus extensions with voicemail.

Go to and follow the format below to login:

Username: Enter your 5 digit Extension (not UCINetID)

Security Code: Your Voicemail Security Code

If you have the additional MiCollab service, you can also reset your voicemail security code without submitting a service request. To do this, select the "Forgot Security Code?" on the website and enter your 5 digit Extension (not UCINetID) in the Username field to reset your security code. An email containing instructions to reset the code will be sent to you.

For additional user documentation on additional features of WPM, refer to the tutorials below.

Check your voicemails in the Inbox Tab

After logging in to WPM, you will be taken to your Inbox by default. Messages are sorted with the most recent on top (you can resort with the Sort by dropdown) and unread messages are shown in bold.

  1. If you have a voicemail message waiting, you'll see the date and time it was left. Select the message.
  2. The voicemail system will call you from a different number. Answer the call and the message will play. End the call when you're done listening to the message.
    • Note: The call will not end automatically after the voicemail message is completed. 
  3. From the website, you can choose to Save or Delete the voicemail message.
    • From the app, you can choose to keep or delete the message.

Download voicemails

If you'd like the voicemail to be downloaded to your computer/phone:

  1. After signing in, you will see all of your voicemail messages. Select Web PhoneManager Settings on the voicemail menu.
  2. Select Download button to download your voicemails as a .wav file.
  3. Select the OK button right above that section to save your changes.
  4. Select the blue download button to get the voicemail as a .wav file. Then open the file with any media player application you have to listen to the voicemail.

Change your Personal Settings (i.e. Voicemail recording)


In the Recordings tab, you can record your Mailbox name, Standard Greeting, Busy Greeting and Out-of-Office Greeting. To enable the out of office greeting, mark the checkbox. To disable it, uncheck it.

  1. Go to the Recordings tab.
  2. To start recording, select the Speakerphone icon.
  3. A new bar will appear. Select the .
  4. Your phone will ring. Pick it up.
  5. After a 3 second pause, a beep will sound. This is your cue to begin recording.
  6. When finished, select the Stop button in WPM.
  7. Select OK to save.

Security Code

In the Security Code tab, you can change your Voicemail security code here without going through a service request!

  1. Go to the Security Code tab.
  2. To change your Security Code, enter your Current Security Code,
  3. Enter the New Security Code and confirm it.
  4. If prompted, select OK to save.

Change your Notification Settings (i.e. Email notifications or voicemail forwarding)

Forwarding Voicemail

In the event of a vacation or extended absence, you can forward voicemail messages using the Forwarding option.

  1. Go to the Forwarding tab.
  2. In Forward To field, enter the campus extension (i.e. 41234)
  3. Specify the days and hours for forwarding to occur.
  4. When finished, select OK to save.

Email notifications of Voicemail

Unified messaging (UM) allows messages to be forwarded to any email address.  Please note, deleting a message in your email inbox does not remove it from your actual voice mailbox. To turn on UM:

  • Select Notification Settings
  • Select the E-Mail tab
  • Check the Enable Simple UM Notification box
  • Enter the desired email address
  • Leave the Simple UM Provider setting at Default Provider
  • To receive voice messages as WAV attachments, check the Include WAV Attachment box.  To receive notification emails only (without a WAV attachment), leave the box unchecked
  • Select OK to save.

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