Sponsored UCInetIDs

Are you working with a colleague outside of UCI who needs UCInetID access? If so, you may sponsor your colleague for a temporary UCInetID. Only UCI faculty or management-level staff members or their designees may sponsor someone.

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To obtain a Sponsored UCInetID, you must meet the following qualifications:

  • You must be connected with UCI.  For example, a visiting academic, volunteer faculty/staff, researcher.
  • You cannot be a current faculty or staff member at UCI.
  • You cannot be a regular student at UCI.
  • A valid faculty or management-level staff member at UCI must sponsor you.
    You must be working with this person. He or she will be responsible for your account.

If a Sponsored UCInetID holder becomes a student or faculty/staff member in the future, the Sponsored UCInetID entry will be automatically converted to the new type.

*CAMP or COSMOS Summer Programs*

A note to CAMP & COSMOS summer program coordinators: please do NOT request Sponsored UCInetIDs for visiting high school students *unless* they need to complete safety training in the UC Learning Center.

The students can use our campus wi-fi (UCInet) and ResNet Mobile Access by simply using the Visitor Registration tool. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, the visitor registration last for 7 days (unlike 24 hours during the school year), meaning they only have to re-register their devices weekly).

If the students need a username and password to login to lab computers, the OIT Help Desk can provide you with a temporary Group UCInetID and password that will work on those machines. Please open a ticket requesting these credentials, along with the following information:

  • the name of the summer program
  • the program start & end dates

We will reserve the temporary Group UCInetID & password for you to share with the students.

Please note the Group UCInetID has restricted access, meaning it will only work on lab computers and should not be used for any purpose (such as accessing the VPN or registering devices on UCInet).

  • Apply for a Sponsored UCInetID (Sponsor Login Required)
    The Sponsor will need to know the date of birth and Social Security Number of the person sponsored.

  • Once your application has been processed, you will be assigned a UCInetID and a Sponsored ID Number.
  • The Sponsor will be notified via email when the Sponsored ID Number and UCInetID have been assigned.
  • The OIT Help Desk or your Sponsor can inform you of your UCInetID and ID Number once it has been assigned. This information is important and needed to activate your account.

UCInetID Activation

  • Your UCInetID must be activated before it can be used. The activation process allows you to identify yourself and set a private password for your UCInetID.
  • Your Sponsored ID Number is required to activate your UCInetID.
  • For more information, see the UCInetID Activations section.

As a member of the UCI and worldwide electronic community, you are expected to follow UCI's Computer Use Policy. Activating your UCInetID signifies acceptance of this policy.

Quarterly Sponsor Renewal Process

Sponsored UCInetIDs are sponsored on a quarterly basis, for a maximum of 4 quarters at a time.

Renewal Notification

Approximately one month before the end of each quarter, sponsors will receive an email message as a reminder to renew Sponsored UCInetIDs. Both sponsor and the person sponsored will be notified about the upcoming expiration of the UCInetID.

The sponsor must review the list of UCInetIDs he or she is responsible for and renew the sponsorship for up to four additional quarters at a time.

Updates to Sponsored UCInetID Holders

  • If a Sponsored UCInetID holder becomes an employee or student, his or her electronic directory record will be converted to the appropriate type, student or employee.
  • If a student or employee that was previously sponsored for a UCInetID loses his or her student or employee status, the sponsored UCInetID will be re-instated for one quarter. From that point, the quarterly renewal process takes over again.