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UCPath (the UC Payroll, Accounting, Timekeeping, and Human Resources ) is the University of California’s new, modernized payroll, benefits, human resources and academic personnel system for all UC employees. It will replace UC's 35-year old Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) at UC Irvine starting January 2020.

The new Employee Experience Center (aka the UCPath Help Desk) will provide functional support for UCPath Monday through Friday. The EEC Team can be contacted at (949) 824-0500 or by email at We recommend visiting their self-service portal at

Please note that the actual UCPath Online website ( will NOT be accessible until January 2, 2020. Users who attempt to login before then will see an error message "An error was encountered with your login credentials. For assistance, please refer to your local contact information below and provide error code AUTH-0510".


1. How do I get to the UCPath System?

There are two ways to get to the UCPath Center. Please visit the UCPath website at or through the UCI Zotportal.

Log into the Zot!Portal in the upper right hand corner log in with your UCINETID and your DUO Multi-Factor Authentication. Click on tab to Faculty/Staff. Click on the Work/Life tab. In the middle of the page select link UCI UCPath Website.

2. How do I log into UCPath?

You must have the following credentials and security: Have a UCINetID and be enrolled in the Campus Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Your UCInetID is the first part of your email address. It is not your ID number. For example, the UCInetID for Peter Anteater (if your email address is panteate would be your UCInetID.

3. I forgot my UCInetID password.

4. I'm seeing an error message that I need to enroll in the Duo Multi-Factor Authentication system. What is this?

Duo Multi-factor Authentication also known as (MFA) uses Duo to add a second security layer of protection when accessing UCI systems and services in use. "This is a requirement to have." To enroll in Duo, please visit our website at Duo MultiFactor Authentication for instructions.

If you are already enrolled with Duo, but have further questions and issues, logging in with Duo. Please visit our Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) FAQs help page.

5. I need certain KSAMS roles(s) to perform my job. How do I request access?

Users in UCPath will be assigned a KSAMS role which will regulate and restrict access in the UCPath system. KSAMS roles can be requested by you, a manager, but will be approved by your Departmental Security Administrator, (DSAs).

We strongly recommend partnering with your HR/payroll department, your manager, or your DSA for support, as they will know exactly what KSAMS roles you need to do your job as well as assist you with any additional questions.

Alternatively, you can contact UCI’s local Employee Experience Center (EEC) at 949-824-0500 or send an email to

6. Will training be offered for UCPath?

Role-based training will be provided for all UCI individuals who perform specific tasks in UCPath, including Initiators, approvers, and Inquiry-only users. A series of recommended and optional UCPath courses, referred to as a learning path, will provide each UCI learner with the necessary skills and training to ensure system proficiency. Training material will be provided to participants. Please sign up in the UC Learning Center, (UCLC) for training.

7. Is PPS going away?

No. PPS will be available in "View-Only" mode in order to make historical records available.

8. What information is being migrated to UCPath?

All active employee records will be migrated to UCPath. Historical records (pre-UCPath) will be available via the "View-Only" mode in PPS.

9. Will UCPath send future-dated transactions to PPS?

No it will not.

10. What will happen to AYSO - At Your Service Online?

AYSO will still be available for historical W-2 information as well as pay history prior to UCPath. View earning statements, benefits and Retirement information by visiting and registering at Retirement At Your Service.

11. UCPath Roadshow FAQ's

Please visit UCPath Resources at

12. I've tried the steps above and I'm still having trouble. Who do I contact for support?

We strongly recommend partnering with your HR/payroll department, your manager, or your DSA for support, as they will know exactly what KSAMS roles you need to do your job as well as assist you with any additional questions.

You can also contact UCI’s local Employee Experience Center (EEC) at Alternatively, you can call 949-824-0500 or send an email to

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