ZOT Account

The ZOT Account system is used by students to view their itemized tuition statement & other fees. To pay tuition and fees, they must use a separate system called CASHNet.

To learn more about ZOT Account, see our FAQ below or visit Zotaccount's comprehensive FAQ.


If you’re a student and you can't login:

  1. Make sure you enter your 8-digit Student ID#, UCInetID, and password in the correct fields.
  2. Try logging in using Private mode or Incognito mode in your browser.
  3. Try using a different browser.
  4. Use the VPN (either WebVPN or Software VPN).


If you’re a parent, please note that you cannot login to ZOT Account to view or pay your student's tuition. You must use the Guest Access Website to view the itemized tuition bill and CASHNet to pay tuition.

  1. Sign in to the Guest Access Website with your Third Party UCInetID (TPID). If you haven’t made one yet, register for one here. If you've forgotten the password, you can reset it here.
  2. Once you've created the TPID, share it with the student. They must first authorize your TPID before you can login.


Applicants who have been formally accepted by the university AND have completed their SIR (Statement of Intent to Register) are permitted to login to Zot Account for the purpose of paying housing fees & tuition fees.

Bear in mind that you will NOT be able to login UNTIL the fees have been assessed by the Registrar. If you try to login too soon, you will get a 404 error message ("page cannot be displayed"). This is normal. Please do not try to login until you've received the notification.

If you're trying to pay Housing Fees and are having trouble logging in to Zot Account, you can always pay them via the My Housing Gateway.

Former Students/Alumni

Unfortunately, former students & alumni cannot login to Zot Account (only applicants and current students are recognized by the system).

So, if you need to pay a late fee or any outstanding balance, you must contact Campus Billing Services to make payment arrangements either over the phone or in-person. Their number is (949) 824-2455.

I've tried the steps above and I'm still having issues

We recommend you continue your search in our comprehensive ServiceNow Knowledge Base.

If you're still having trouble, feel free to open a ticket. When doing so, please provide the following:

  • Your full name
  • Your UCInetID (the first part of your email address, not your ID number)
  • A detailed description of the issue

Failure to provide this information will delay our response.

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