ICS and OIT Collaborate on TIPPERS Research Project

TIPPERS (http://tippersweb.ics.uci.edu) is a privacy-aware system developed at the UCI Bren School that manages IoT smart spaces by collecting and analyzing sensor data and offering smart services based on such data. TIPPERS is designed as a testbed to address privacy challenges that arise in smart spaces and integrates a variety of Privacy Enhancing Technologies (e.g., time-limited pseudonyms, policy-based access control, differential privacy, secure computing, etc.).

In a collaboration with the Office of Information Technology, TIPPERS leverages OIT’s new De-Identified WiFi Connection Data Delivery Service. This means that when a device (e.g., smartphone or laptop) connects to the UCI network via a WiFi access point, TIPPERS will be notified. Although the data provided to TIPPERS is not personally identifiable, by counting the number of devices connected to each WiFi access point, TIPPERS can build smart services based on the estimated occupancy of spaces, such as:

  • Preventing fire code violations (i.e., when the occupancy of space exceeds its capacity).
  • Improving the management of spaces and resources (e.g., schedule janitorial services according to the usage of the different spaces, or letting people know which spaces are available for meetings).
  • Adjusting ventilation, heating and air conditioning to occupancy.
  • Assisting emergency evacuations.
  • Improving pedagogy on campus.

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