UCI Affiliations

Roles and Affiliations

Currently, a directory entry’s affiliation with UCI is in the uciAffiliation attribute in the LDAP Directory. This is a multi-valued attribute, so an entry could have one, two or more affiliations. For example, if a person was both a student and staff, they would have the ‘student’,’employee’ and ‘staff’ affiliation (staff as opposed to faculty).

Current Affiliations Supported by OIT
Affiliation Description
advanced_degree_holder Individual has received a master’s degree or doctorate from UCI.
alumni Individual has activated their Alumni Lifetime Email Forwarding Account. More info on Alumni Email Forwarding
applicant Individual is currently applying for undergraduate or graduate admission to UCI. More Information on Applicants
contingent_worker Individual is working with UCI and has been designated as a Contingent Worker in UCPath.

Can be treated same as “guest” affiliation.

degree_holder Individual has received a bachelor’s degree from UCI.
employee Individual is employed by the University and is in the feed that OIT receives from UCPath.
faculty Individual has a faculty appointment based on payroll database information.
former_student Student is not currently enrolled in courses.
group UCInetID has been issued to a group rather than an individual. Group accounts are issued upon request by Faculty or Staff members.
guest UCInetID has been issued to a sponsored guest of the University. Sponsor must be an employee or a faculty member.
retiree UCInetID has been issued to a retiree of the University.
staff UCInetID has been issued to an employee including student/employees but not faculty
student UCInetID has been issued to a currently enrolled student. This affiliation is terminated if the student does not enroll in classes for one year.
tpid UCInetID has been issued to a third party through the third party identity system.