UCI’s Enterprise Identity Management Directory

Directory Back-end

The Directory information is stored in a relational database.

Information Stored in the Directory

A variety of information is stored about users and departments at UCI including:

  • Directory Listing Info
  • Identifiers (CampusID, UCInetID, Employee ID, Student ID, etc)
  • Identity Verification Information
  • Email Routing Info
  • ZotAlert numbers

Where the Directory Information is Used

Identity Provisioning

The IDM Database is currently the identity provisioning database for UCInetIDs and CampusIDs. Information from the University Registrar, Payroll and University Extension among other sources are coalesced to attempt to provide a single login for a given individual.

Email Routing

Email delivery points for @UCI.EDU email addresses are stored in the IDM Database

LDAP Directory

Information from the IDM Database is ported to UCI’s LDAP directories for other systems to use.

Phonebook and Directory Lookup

The online Directory Lookup web app is fed from the IDM Database.