Identity Management Services for Applicants

Summary: Information about identity management services provided to undergraduate and graduate student applicants to UCI.

Access to Applicant Information

In order to have access to Applicant authentication or directory information, Campus Applications that will serve Applicants using WebAuth need to register with OIT and are required to obtain approval from the Undergraduate Admissions office.

Applicant Access to Applications

WebAuth is the primary recommended means for allowing access to Applicants. WebAuth will only return information about Applicants if the application is authorized.

Applicant Account Processing

Undergraduate Applicants

  • Data about Applicants is obtained nightly from the University Registrar while the application cycle is processing.
  • Applicants that do not currently have accounts will be added to the directory system and will be assigned a UCInetID and a unique campus identifier (CampusID).
  • Applicant UCInetIDs are assigned using the same name-based algorithm as regular students.
  • Applicants can activate their UCInetID like current UCI affiliates using a dedicated activation program designed for them.
  • The activation program verifies their identity using their Student ID, date of birth, and social security number if they provided it when applying to UCI.
  • Applicants use the current UCInetID management system to update their password and security question and answer.
  • Applicants need to contact the Admissions office to change their email delivery address.
  • Once activated, Applicants do not need to re-activate when they transition to Students.
  • Applicants are not visible to the general public through our directory search tools.
  • When Applicants submit their Statement of Legal Residence (SLR) and Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) documents, and are assessed fees, become eligible to be granted Student affiliation and are eligible for student services, including OIT mailbox services.
  • Applicants are notified through their alternate email address when they become eligible for student UCInetID services.
  • Upon transition from Applicant to Student, OIT maintains their applicant email address as an alternate email address in the directory system.
  • Directory information for non-fee-assessed students will be deleted, without notification, on the sixth week of instruction.

Graduate Applicant Processing

  • Graduate applicants must complete the application process and pay the application fee before being added to the directory.
  • Graduate student applicant major information may change depending on which program they last applied to.
  • Other processing happens similar to undergraduates.