WebAuth: webauth_check_results

These are the meanings of the various parameters returned by webauth_check

Field Meaning
ucinetid The UCInetID that had it’s password verified. Although easier to remember, this is less ideal to grant access to than the CampusID.
campus_id The Campus ID of the user. This is a persistent, unique ID for an individual that will not be re-used. This is a better ID to give access to because it does not get changed or re-used like UCInetIDs do.
auth_host The IP address of the client where the password was authorized. This should match the IP address of the client talking to your server.
max_idle_time The largest number of seconds between webauth_checks for this session. This can possibly help you determine how active a session is.
age_in_seconds The number of seconds that have passed since the password was authenticated.
uci_affiliations A (possible) list of affiliations that a user has with UCI. These can include:

  • alumni
  • applicant
  • employee
  • faculty
  • former_student
  • group
  • guest
  • retiree
  • staff
  • student
  • 3rd_party
error_code If there was an authorization failure, a short error code will be printed here.
auth_fail If there was an authorization failure, an error message will be printed here.

The following are still returned by webauth_check but are less useful than the fields above:

Field Meaning
time_created Unix epoch time the password was authenticated.
last_checked Unix epoch time the session was last checked by any host.
seconds_since_checked The number of seconds since the session was last checked by any host.

Error codes and messages returned with webauth_check

Error Code Error Message Meaning
WEBAUTH_DOWN The WebAuth Server is currently down. A backup should be up shortly. We are sorry for this inconvenience. Please try again later or contact theOIT Help Desk for assistance. Something internal to the application is not working and it can not return authentication information. Chances are that users can not log in, either.
NO_AUTH_KEY No ucinetid_auth was provided. The application could not read the ucinetid_auth key; either it was not provided or there was an error in the communication.
NOT_FOUND ____ not in database The provided ucinetid_auth value was not found in the database.
NO_AFFILIATION This ucinetid_auth is valid. However you do not have access to see the user information. Some users are not visible to all servers. This is usually based on affiliation. Affiliations such as “former_student” need to have authorization before access is granted to see those users.