WebAuth Registration & Customization

One of the goals of WebAuth is to limit the number of places a user needs to enter their UCInetID password. To provide enhanced integration between campus web applications and the WebAuth login page, OIT has created the WebAuth Registration and Customization tool.

Using this tool, application developers are able to include the name of their application and customized text and help information on the login page.

NOTE: Even if you do not plan on providing login page customizations, we encourage you to register your WebAuth applications here. We will be requiring pre-registration of WebAuth applications in the near future.

Register or Customize your application!

Customization Options

  • Application Name: Text that appears in the blue bar above the login box and help text.
  • Informational Text: Text that appears to the left of the login box. This can include links to help pages or other information users of your application might be helped by knowing.

Application/Content developers may submit customizations using the Register or Customize link below. Content must be approved by OIT before it will be displayed on the login page.

The customizations will appear when the user is directed to the WebAuth login page with a return_url set to one that matches the one which was registered.

Customized WebAuth Example

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