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UC Irvine instructors and staff can make collections of audio and video recordings, and course materials directly available to a broad audience using iTunesU @ UCI. The audiovisual materials can be stored within or outside of iTunesU.

What is iTunesU?

Apple’s iTunesU provides access to a wealth of course materials and audio/video recordings through either a specialized iTunesU app (iOS device) or iTunes. iTunesU is different from iTunes in that it allows instructors to create and collect materials into a cohesive package for students.

A note about devices

Participants who access a course using the iTunesU App on an iOS device (i.e. iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) will have access to all of the functionality created using Course Manager. While the course will be available on other devices, the interface will look different, and in some cases, not all of the content will be available.

Note: participants who do not have an iOS device should search the equivalent of the App Store, to identify the appropriate app.

iTunes U FAQ

How do I access UCI on iTunes U?

You will need to have the most current version of iTunes installed on your Mac or PC computer. To download the software, visit to Also make sure that you are running the most current update of your system software.

To access UC Irvine’s iTunes U content, either search for UC Irvine in the iTunes U store or browse Universities and Colleges. You can also get there directly from the “Open UCI on iTunes U” link. This will launch iTunes and take you directly to our site.

What are podcasts?

“Podcasting” refers to a push-pull delivery technology (namely RSS feeds) for downloading digital media files. You can download the content from the iTunes page or subscribe to download new podcasts automatically.

Do I need to have iTunes and Apple products to have access?

You do not need a Mac, iTunes or an iPod to play the audio files once they are downloaded. All you will need is a player capable of playing .mp4 AAC (Advanced Audio Codec) files. (AAC is not exclusively Apple’s, although Apple prefers it to alternative file formats.)

Will there be more content in the future?

Yes, new courses and collections are being added to the UC Irvine iTunes U channel all the time. Additionally, new content is regularly added to existing courses and collections.

I have a podcast that I would like to include. How do I get my podcasts on iTunes U?

If you would like to include your podcasts in iTunes U, please read our iTunes U for Content Providers questions for more information.

How does iTunes U relate to UCI Replay?

iTunes U is a store front to distribute podcasts using Apple’s popular iTunes software.

UCI Replay is an audio/screen capture service for instructors, employees and departments to easily record classes, presentations, or instructional vignettes on a PC or Mac computer. UCI Replay uses TechSmith’s Relay for recording.

Recordings created with UCI Replay can be incorporated into an iTunes U course or collection.

Help for Content Providers

Contributing to UCI on iTunes U

If you have podcasts that you would like to include in UCI’s iTunes U site, you can apply to become a contributor. There are two main steps for this process:

  • Apple ID: Create an Apple ID, and submit that account to the iTunes U managers via email to (be sure to send the message from your official UCI email address)
  • Identify media: Identify the materials that you would like to include in the collection
    • Collection: Includes audio and video files only; created using Apple’s SiteManager
    • Course: Includes audio, video, files, discussion, and content in pages; created using Apple’s CourseManager

Request Publication of the Collection

If you have a collection that you would like to contribute to UCI’s iTunes U, send an email to with the following information:

  • Collection Title – A title that describes the content (you can also include a cover photo)
  • Category – Select from the following:
    • Business
    • Engineering
    • Fine Arts
    • Health & Medicine
    • Science
    • Social Science
    • Society
    • Teaching & Education
      (The categories are created by Apple.  If your collection does not fit in one of the categories, do not use one.)
  • Contributor’s Name and Apple ID – The person who will be responsible for the channel and the content

Request Publication of the Course

In the process of creating a course, you can associate the course with UC Irvine. Once you are ready to publish the course, you will need to send an email to with the following information:

  • Course Name – This will be used to verify the course
  • Course URL – Within the settings, you will see a Course URL, this will uniquely identify the course you have developed

Logging Into Your Account

Once your AppleID has been added, you will receive email with specific instructions to access your iTunes U account.

General Instructions

  1. Using Safari, login to UCI’s iTunes U Public Site Manager with your Apple ID and password.
  2. When you log in, you will see all the collections for which you are a contributor.

If you cannot login or do not see your collections, please send a message to

Getting Started with iTunes U

Before you begin editing your content, we recommend that you spend some time with Apple’s iTunes U User Guide, specifically the section on Collections. This will explain the basics of getting your channel set up.

Uploading New Items

  1. Click on the “Feed” of the collection to which you want to add media.
  2. Click on the “Items” option.  You will see an area where you can upload new items to that collection.
  3. Consult Apple’s documentation on uploading items to iTunes U.

Adding New Collections

  1. Click the Add Collections + button in the main Collections page.
  2. Apple will ask you to Choose a Feed Source. If you are planning on uploading your content to iTunes U, choose “Apple-Hosted Feed.”  If you are planning on using RSS, chose “Provider-Hosted Feed.”
  3. Create the new collection, upload a thumbnail for the collection and upload items in the collection (collections must have at least one item uploaded to go live on the PSM).
  4. Email when you’ve created a new collection.  In the new Public Site Manager iTunes U admins must approve new collections before they go live in iTunes U.
  5. Once your email is received, the iTunes U administrator will approve the collection and Publish it to the site.
  6. Once the iTunes U admin hits Publish it could take up to 24 hours for the collection to be “live” on UCI’s iTunes U page.
  7. Items within the approved collection can be uploaded to the iTunes U without admin approval.

Media Requirements

At a minimum, all media must meet the following criteria:

  1. Adheres to a basic standard in technical and professional quality. Your content will be representing UCI and be widely available through iTunes.
  2. Distributes information of value that is fitting for the medium and supports UCI’s goals.
  3. Can be easily accessed via search through appropriate naming and metadata

Metadata for UCI on iTunes U


  • Name: Descriptive name for a track.
    For example: “Lecture 2 – Jellyfish and Tissue Layers” not, “Lecture5_01_15_09”.
  • Author: The person or department who created the media.
    This will default to UC Irvine, but a specific artist or author is recommended.
  • Course Image: 300 x 300 .gif, .jpg or .png file. Square images only. Include “UC Irvine” in the album artwork.
    This is not required, but highly recommended. Without it their will be now artwork associated and the collection will look unfinished and will not be published.


  • Language
  • Advisory Label: Do Not Mark, Mark Explicit, Mark Clean
  • Subtitle
  • Summary
  • Copyright
  • Keywords

Metadata Tips

  • You need good metadata so your users can find your collection and decide whether or not to subscribe to it, if applicable.
  • Your collection and item metadata includes all of the information that describes your content for the potential user, as well as for the iTunes search and browse infrastructure.
  • The collection’s category and subcategory determine where the collection appears in the browse tree. The title, author, description, and (up to 12) keywords are indexed by the iTunes search engine and used to determine relevance when compared with terms entered by the user in the Search iTunes Store box.
  • A high percentage of users look for collections and items via search. If you don’t have good, robust metadata, your content does not turn up in many searches.
  • And when users do find your content, they might not have enough information to decide whether to subscribe.
  • Review Apple’s documentation on editing item metadata

iTunes U Course Manager

iTunes U Course Manager is a web-based tool that allows instructors to create and distribute complete courses on iTunes U featuring audio, video, books, and other content.

If you can login to UCI’s iTunes U Public Site Manager, then you also have access to iTunes U Course Manager. You will need to use the provided sign-in URL.

Some Caveats

  • Only one Apple ID can be used to edit the Course. If multiple people will be working on the Course, create a shared Apple ID first. Request access for this new Apple ID.
  • Unpublished courses have a class limit of 30.
  • The Instructor Apple ID must be tied to an Apple Store account. See

Step 1: Read through the following help files from Apple.

Step 2: Create Your Course
Login to iTunes U Course Manager using Safari. If you already have access to UCI’s iTunes U Public Site Manager, you also have access to iTunes U Course Manager.

Step 3: Publish Your Course
When you are ready to publish your course, click Share Course in your course dashboard. You’ll get a URL that you can send to students for in-class use or to preview it in Safari or any iOS device. When you are ready for it to be live on UCI’s iTunes U site, send the URL to We need publish the course for you the first time.



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