Webmail User’s Guide

The Webmail software includes a rich set of features, described in the on-line help document.  This is a brief introduction highlighting some of the most commonly used features.

Webmail makes abundant use of “tooltips” – if you don’t know what something does, you can hover over it with your mouse pointer for a hint.

At any time, you can click on the Anteater at the upper left to get back to your Webmail home page.

Reading Mail

Clicking on a folder in the left hand column presents a list of messages in that folder.  Clicking on a message displays it in a separate pane of the same window.  You can adjust the border deciding how much of the screen to use for listing messages, and how much to use for displaying messages.

Sending Mail

To compose a message, click on the paper-and-pencil icon in the toolbar above the message list:

compose message

This changes the display to the composition window. Note that your contacts are automatically displayed on the left for convenience in addressing.  Double click on a contact to add it to the message recipients.

contacts list

When you have finished, you can use the Send Message button at the bottom of the window, or the send-message icon in the toolbar above it.

send message

send message


Managing Mail

To place a message in a folder, simply drag it from the message list to the folder list on the left.

To create a new folder, click on the Settings icon at the top right, next to “Logout”:

webmail-search configuring webmail

Then select the Folders tab and the “+” icon at the bottom of the folder list.

new folder

You can name the new folder and choose a parent folder if you want this to be a sub-folder of an existing folder.

To delete a message, select the message from the message list and click the red circle-slash icon.  This will move it to your Trash folder.  If you delete a message by accident, click on the Trash folder and drag the message back to its original folder.

To empty your trash, select Trash in the folder list, then click on the small gear symbol at the bottom of the folder list:

folder action icon

Finally, select “empty”:

empty trash

Use this prudently, because storing unneeded messages is wasteful, but there is no getting a message back once the Trash has been emptied.

Configuring Webmail

There are many customizations you can select in the Settings page, under the Preferences tab.  Webmail works fine with the standard configuration, but you are welcome to explore all the available settings:


Using the Address Book

To manage your Address Book, click the Address Book icon in the upper-right toolbar.  This takes you to the Address Book page.  Select the group Personal Addresses to open up your Contacts list:

personal addresses

To create a contact, click on the Add Contact icon (the card with a green plus sign). To write to a contact, select it from the list and click the Compose Message icon.  To delete a contact, select it and click the red circle-slash delete icon.  The magnifying glass icon lets you search the campus phone book.  This is useful if you are writing to someone  you don’t need to add to your Address Book.

manage contacts



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