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After Hours Remote Lab

After Hours Remote Lab is a web application that allows students to access physical lab computers remotely through a client-less interface. After authenticating into After Hours Remote Lab, you can choose which lab and computer you would like to login to and run the programs specific to that lab. Just like you were sitting in front of the computer.

Access and use of After Hours Remote Lab is only available between 10:00PM – 6:00AM when labs are closed.

or go to

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What do you need? Any web browser. No client needed.

Does this work on mobile devices? Not yet. Only on desktop systems.

How do I sent special commands and clips? With browser selected and active, hold Control+Alt+Shift for Windows PCs or Control+Option+Shift for Macs. You will be given options for keyboards, displays, and clipboards on a sidebar.

Which lab computers can I access? Instructional labs MSTB 210 & 226 and SBSG 240 & 241.

Have questions? Contact us at or 949-824-2222