Lab Request Form

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Fill out the form below. An email will be sent to the lab scheduler who will contact you with any questions and a confirmation if the lab has been scheduled.

Before Sending In This Form

  1. Check the online schedule to verify the time you need is available.
  2. Read the Lab Scheduling Policy.
  3. Confirm what software will be needed for the class or event. 
    Confirmation of the reservation will not take place until this information is provided. A fee of $60 /hour will be charged for any software installation(s) within two weeks of first class or anytime thereafter. Please check the Computer Lab Software List to see what is available in the lab. If not listed, please make note of it on the request form.
  4. Scheduling is only available for the actual time the class meets as stated in the Schedule of Classes. If your students need more time for homework and TA guidance, they may utilize the drop in hours after 6:00 PM or when other classes are not scheduled.
  5. Labs scheduled for an entire quarter will only be scheduled during weeks 1 – 10. Final Exams during Finals Week must be scheduled separately, please submit a separate request.
  6. Under “Lab Requesting,” classes which will utilize 90+ seats, please see “Using Both Labs as One Space” under Guidelines for Instructors.
  7. OIT computer labs require you to login with a UCInetID and password. If the students or participants do not have one, please let us know in the comment section.

COVID-19 Disclaimer – Please Read:
We are taking requests for computer labs, however, please be aware of the possibility that the campus may switch to full remote learning or reduced room occupancy at any moment. We will contact schedulers should computer lab-specific issues arise, otherwise all communication regarding campus-wide closures or reduced room occupancy will come from your department or campus leadership.

Class Information

Reservations for instructional use can be made up to 2 quarters in advance of the actual class. Final Exams during Finals Week must be scheduled separately, please submit a separate request.
From the UCI Schedule of Classes
Use all 0's if you don't have a course code.
List the software needed for this class to ensure we have what you need. Confirmation of your request cannot be made without this information. A fee of $60/hour will be charged for any software installation(s) required along with two weeks notice before the class begins.
* For events/classes not listed in the UCI Schedule of Classes.


For course-coded classes, OIT computer labs listed on the Registrar’s Schedule of Classes (WebSOC) is NOT a confirmation that an OIT lab has been scheduled. It is the scheduler’s responsibility to ensure the information on the Schedule of Classes is accurate and up-to-date. The best practice for reserving an OIT computer lab is to first receive confirmation from OIT that your lab request has been approved before updating the Scheduled of Classes through the Registrar’s office.

All confirmed reservations for courses and events using an OIT instructional lab can be found on the current schedule of each respective lab.

For any questions or concerns, please contact OIT at 949-824-2222 or