Virtual Computer Lab – Connecting to Mac Drives/Folders

Connecting to local drives and folders from your Mac computer to the remote Virtual Computer requires extra steps. Here are two options.

Use Microsoft Remote Desktop

1. Once your reservation is ready, do not download the rdp file. Instead, take note of the login information.

VCL Reservation Info


2. Open up the Microsoft Remote Desktop Application on your Mac. Start a new profile.

MS Remote Desktop New Profile


3. Insert the login information from the VCL web page to the new profile.
VCL New profile info

4. Click on the ‘Redirection’ tab and then the ‘+’ on the bottom of the window to create a redirection folder.

Redirection Add

5. Specify a name for the folder and select a local folder for it to point to.

Add local folder

6. The profile is complete. You can now close the profile edit window.

Redirect folder complete

7. You can now start the Remote Desktop profile with the set up redirected folder.

Profile complete

8. You now should be able to see your folder or drives that you have created in the Virtual Computer.

Use CoRD application.

CoRD is an alternative open source remote desktop application which will automatically map your local drives onto the Virtual Computer lab.

** Please note that CoRD currently does not expand to full screen. If you like working with a full screen, use the Microsoft Remote Desktop and the above instructions to redirect/map your local drives. **

1. Go to and download CoRD.

CoRD webpage


2. Once it is downloaded, double click the downloaded file which will extract the executable program.

CoRD Extracted3. Double click the application and it will ask if you would like to move the program to the Applications folder. Click to ‘Move to Applications Folder’.

CoRD Move


4. In CoRD, go to File -> Open Server.

CoRD open server


5. Select the downloaded RDP file associated with your reservation that you got from

CoRD Select Rdp


6. Log in to your Virtual Computer. Your local drives and folders will automatically be mounted.



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