Student Electronic Broadcast System

The Student Electronic Broadcast System (SEBS) has served the campus well as a means to reach various student populations for many decades. However, several factors, including aging infrastructure and new feature requests that SEBS cannot support have precipitated the need for SEBS to be retired.

—> SEBS will be retired on Thursday November 28, 2019  <—

OIT has migrated and enhanced the functionality of SEBS into the latest version of ZotMail to provide an improved and unified campus communication platform. Here are just some of the new features in ZotMail:

— All SEBS student mailing lists are now available in ZotMail
— ZotMail student lists receive the most accurate student data feed possible. Lists are being updated dynamically on a daily basis.
— Analytics provide basic open rate and click through statistics on messages if desired by a sender
— Ability to direct replies to a ZotMail message to up to three email addresses
— An easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor to create HTML messages will be available soon

Please contact Shelly Toole at or 949-824-2264 for assistance with ZotMail.  Thank you!



The Student Electronic Broadcast System (SEBS) provides school and campus administrators the means to send broadcast email messages to subsets of students for official University business.

How to Use SEBS





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