SEBS Background Information

With the support of the UCI Registrar, the Office of Information Technology provides basic student electronic broadcast capabilities that facilitate the distribution of academic information to large sets of UCI students. The “Student Electronic Broadcast System” (SEBS) provides schools and campus administrators access to mailing lists and delivery mechanisms to reach various subsets of students. Lists are dynamically maintained using official UCI Registrar enrollment data so that schools and departments do not have to maintain and update their own lists. Lists of all UCI students, students by level, students by major, students by major and level, students by school, and students by school and level are included in the broadcast system.

These mailing lists are intended for official University business only. School and major lists are controlled by the Associate Deans of Undergraduate and Graduate Education in each school; campus-wide student mailing lists are controlled by the campus administration. Authorized parties access the broadcast facility using standard e-mail software; full instructions are available upon request.

Please contact the appropriate person in each school or in the campus administration if you have University information to disseminate using the broadcast system. You may determine the appropriate list and contact point using the “Student Broadcast – Lists and Contacts” document.

The broadcast system was developed based on input from the campus, to meet academic information dissemination needs of the campus. Please see the Student Electronic Broadcast Overview and Policy document for more information

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