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Campus Departmental Mailing List System (aka Mailman) Downtime and Upgrade

Date(s): Saturday, September 9, 2017 from 8am to 4pm

Purpose: Scheduled Update

Services Affected:

We will be migrating the campus Departmental Mailing list system ( to a new virtualized server supported by the OIT Enterprise Infrastructure team. The server will be moving from Oracle Solaris to RedHat Enterprise Linux. We will be using the RedHat supplied mailman list management software. RedHat maintains a stable version of Mailman, back-porting security patches from newer releases into the current stable release as necessary.

We expect the upgrade to be complete by 1pm; however, we've reserved a longer time frame in case we run into problems.

During the upgrade, we will be migrating all of the lists and archives to the new server. Mailman list administrator web pages will be unavailable. Email sent to lists will be queued and delivered to lists after the upgrade is complete.

There are new features being implemented as a part of this upgrade that list administrators may optionally wish to take advantage of:

*Ability to set a password for pre-approving posts to the list, which allows a poster to "pre-approve" a post that would otherwise be held for moderation.
* New options for handling the restrictions implemented by DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) policy. More information can be found here:
* The ability to update the content and format of the masthead for message digests
* Other minor changes

The complete GNU Mailman - List Administration Manual may be found here:

Service Maintenance Status: Resolved


Work completed.

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