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Drain Pipe Installation in OITDC

Date(s): October 31 to November 1, 2019 from 7am - 4pm


Services Affected:

From 7AM on 10/31/19 til 4 PM 11/1/19, the plumbing company PPC, under the supervision of Timothy Callahan and Alex Giesler, will drill for and install new piping for sink drain lines on the second floor. This work should be non-disruptive to computing equipment and will be fully contained from dust and other contaminants. Work may resume on 11/4/19 to finish a few outstanding items, but the bulk of the work will be done 10/31-11/1.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Alex Giesler at 949-824-9494 or Ken Cooper at 949-924-3704.

Service Maintenance Status: Resolved


This has been completed.

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