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Engineering Tower ATS Wiring Repair

Date(s): January 30, 2021 from 6am - 5pm


Services Affected:

On Saturday 1/30/21 morning, Facilities Management will be repairing the building ATS wiring in Engineering Tower that supports the CS1 Core site. This will disrupt the CS1 Core site emergency power, so a temporary generator will be hooked up first thing in the morning to supply power in order to minimize disruptions during the work. Once the generator is in place and connected, FM will repair the ATS wiring, which will take several hours. Once the replacement is complete, emergency power will be turned back on and the critical load will be transferred back over to normal operation.

A few services will be affected by this work, but mitigations will be worked out ahead of time to minimize disruptions and to prepare for any planned outages.

Communication will be widespread that day and a tech will be onsite to assist with power connections and supervision during the work. Please contact Alex Giesler at 949-824-9494 or Ken Cooper at 949-824-3704 if you have any questions.

Service Maintenance Status: Resolved


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