Faculty Websites in Read Only Mode

Date(s): December 4 - 7, 2020

Purpose: Migration to a new hosting environment.

Services Affected:

We are migrating to CampusPress to host Faculty Websites. We need to put the sites in a read-only mode to copy over the content. The websites are still live and available, but no edits can be made until Monday, December 7, 2020.

-- Update 12/7/2020 - Faculty Websites are still in Read-Only mode due to an issue with Shibboleth and logins. We hope to finish the migration today. We apologize for the delay.

Faculty Websites (https://faculty.sites.uci.edu)

Service Maintenance Status: Resolved


Faculty Websites have been migrated to the new host and should now be available for editing. Thank you for your patience.

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