New version of Firefox (v52) may cause some older websites (like EDL) to stop working

Date(s): March 2017

Purpose: Announcing end of support for EDL in Firefox

Services Affected:

New version of Firefox may cause some older websites to stop working. Firefox discontinued support for NPAPI plugins in it’s latest version (this includes sites that use the Java applet like EDL, as well as Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Silverlight, etc.)
Workaround: Use Internet Explorer (or Safari for Mac users)

Action required:
· General users: If you run into an issue where a website does not load properly, use Internet Explorer (Safari if you use a Mac) instead to view the website.
· Developers: If you have an application that only runs on Firefox and may be affected by the issue above, please contact Jeremy Paje at 949-824-2731 or e-mail asap.

Beginning in Firefox version 52, Firefox has ended support for NPAPI plugins. Some of the plugins that will no longer work include Java, Microsoft Silverlight, and Adobe Acrobat. Firefox 52 was deployed last week to the test group and is scheduled to deploy to the rest of production this Thursday evening.

More info may be found here:

NOTE: Some users may opt to use Firefox ESR 52 (32-bit version for Windows, 64-bit for macOS) which will continue to support Java for one more year; however, certain features and enhancements may not be available in this version and will not be supported by OIT. Please speak with your CSC for more information.

Service Maintenance Status: Resolved


Service has been completed.

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