OITDC UPS-1 Battery Replacement

Date(s): August 22, 2020 from 8 - 4pm


Services Affected:

On 8/22/20 at 8 AM, electrical contractor Vertiv Co. will be onsite at OITDC and will perform the battery replacement for our UPS-1 device. This will last approximately 8 hours and will entail putting the UPS into maintenance bypass to safely replace the batteries.
There should be no interruptions of power to the data center devices as power will be supplied via bypass during the work. In the unlikely or rare event that Edison/campus power experiences an outage the data center will be partially unprotected until the outage is over; that being said, we do not expect that sort of outage at this point.

If you have any questions or concerns about this matter, please contact Ken Cooper at 949-824-3704 or Lauren Watanabe at 949-824-3685.

Service Maintenance Status: Resolved


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