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OITDC UPS Devices Scheduled Maintenance

Date(s): Saturday, September 7, 2019 from

Purpose: Scheduled maintenance

Services Affected:

On 9/7/19 from 7 AM til 1 PM we will be performing maintenance on one of our OITDC UPS devices; we need to replace the batteries to ensure consistent and reliable function in the future.

On 9/7, a technician will arrive at OITDC and put UPS-2 into maintenance bypass, which will not cause any interruptions in power. This will give all the affected racks power until the UPS is brought back online.
The technician will change out the batteries in the UPS and do some testing to ensure everything is set up correctly. Once he's confirmed the install, he will take the UPS out of bypass mode which will not cause any interruptions in power.

While this work is being done, the affected racks will have constant power but will not have UPS power protection from a power outage. That being said, we are expecting a mild weather day and our utility connection is reliable, so we do not anticipate a high chance of power outages.

Please contact Alex Giesler at / 949-824-9494 or Ken Cooper at / 949-824-3704 if you have any questions.

Service Maintenance Status: Resolved


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