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Online Campus Directory Search Tool Upgrade

Date(s): September 18, 2019 from 10 to 11am

Purpose: Upgrade

Services Affected:

The Directory Search Tool will be replaced with a new version, developed by the ICS department. This new version adopts the current look of our directory, while utilizing features added by ICS's implementation of their search engine.

- Changes include the removal of the "Advanced Search" section, since it is no longer needed - searches will span across all key fields.
- Supports "fuzzy" search - approximating results based on search criteria, instead of being strict
- Provides results based on common synonyms and nicknames, or those specific to UCI
- Results are displayed immediately as you type (assuming your browser allows it).

ICS will also direct their users to OIT's search tool, and eventually halt their service altogether.

There is no expected downtime.

Service Maintenance Status: Resolved



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