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Phone System Server Upgrade & SIP Phone Software Upgrade

Date(s): Friday, January 18, 10pm until Saturday, January 19, at 2am

Purpose: Upgrading phone system servers

Services Affected:

OIT has scheduled a software upgrade of the servers used by the campus telephone system. During the maintenance window, calls, voicemail, and ACD (Call Center) services from and to campus phones will not be available.

911 calls to the UCIPD from outside lines, including cellular, will not be impacted.

The campus telephone system will go down multiple times as the systems are upgraded and rebooted. Central Plant and the UCI Police Department areas will be the first large areas recovered in the 1st half-hour. Other locations will recover as we progress through our phone sites.

SIP (Voice over IP) phones will be automatically upgraded and restarted, after the server software upgrades have been completed. The software update consists of mainly bug fixes and visual enhancements for the programmed buttons. There are no functionality changes. Buildings with SIP phones that will be auto-updated are listed below:

111 Theory (URP)
402 Natural Sciences II
131 Innovation
325 CALIT2
317 Engineering & Computer Trailer
308 Engineering Hall
ICH University Hills
C03 5251 California URP
517 Natural Sciences I
G11 Student Health I & II
850 Gavin Herbert Eye Inst. 
415 MSTB 
605 ALB
423 Admin. Mods 

After the upgrade is complete:
* User handsets will require re-enabling their diversion (call forwarding) function
* For all phones that have personal profiles or call lists, the phones will default to Profile #1. Personal profiles will be activated for all phones, regardless of their status before the maintenance window.
* Any PC that is using the phone data port will be affected and loose connection to internet or similar during the restart of the phone. The downtime is less than 3 minutes.

If you have an important call-forwarding function that you would like to have enabled after the upgrade, submit a Service Request Form with the details of your request.

Service Maintenance Status: Resolved


Upgrade completed on schedule.

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