Planned power outage at Central Plant Data Center

Date(s): Saturday, August 25, from 6am to 1pm

Purpose: Scheduled Maintenance

Services Affected:

*** A full list of services that will be affected can be found on this Google Sheet (no sign-in required to view). The list is sorted by Department. Copy the URL and paste it in your browser to view it. ***

Over the past several months, OIT Data Center staff has been working on a project to renovate, upgrade, and expand the power distribution systems in the Central Plant Data Center (CPDC). The outcome of this effort will be a more stable, expandable, and resilient environment for the equipment running in CPDC. To achieve this, devices with multiple power supplies will be reconfigured to receive power from multiple power sources, including at least one uninterruptible power source (UPS). Those critical devices that have only a single power supply will be reconfigured to receive power via an Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) which receives its power from multiple power sources. In addition to the power reconfiguration, a new power panel has been installed that provides more circuits and room for expansion.

We are now ready to take the final steps in the power renovation project. In some cases we can complete electrical work with minimal to no impact on services. However, in this case we are dealing with high voltage that requires us to cut the power so the electricians can work safely. We know being without access to your service(s) is inconvenient and we are committed to keeping the outage as brief as possible while keeping employees safe.

These final steps will occur Saturday, August 25 beginning at 6:00am, with plans to have everything back online by 1:00pm. This stage of the project is expected to take no more than seven (7) hours to complete. During this window, a large portion of the equipment in CPDC will be without power. Some devices which have previously been identified as critical will have two brief power outage of approximately 15-minutes at the beginning of the overall work effort and once again at the end.

Service Maintenance Status: Resolved


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