UCI Lightpath Power Supply Connection Change

Date(s): July 9, 2020 from 7 - 7:30am


Services Affected:

On 7/9/20 we will be moving a redundant power connection from a UPS-supported PDU outlet to another UPS-supported PDU's outlet. This change is necessary due to a suspected failed UPS-Supported PDU outlet which resulted in a brief outage upon the failure of campus (Edison) power in the end of June; this power connection move is to avoid future outages such as this.

At 7 AM, the power connection will be moved to a new UPS-supported PDU's outlet. Once it's confirmed that the power supply is functioning again, the change will be complete.

We will not be touching the functional campus power connection, so there should be no outages on the 321nb-lpsa (UCI Lightpath) switch expected.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Alex Giesler at 949-824-9494.

Service Maintenance Status: Resolved


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