UPS Replacement in CPL Data Center

Date(s): December 19 6am to December 20 8pm


Services Affected:

Between 12/19 and 12/20, DCI, FM, and several outside vendors will be working to replace the UPS in the Central Plant Data Center room. The old UPS will be disconnected, removed, and its old UPS panel disconnected and retired. We will be shutting off panel E for a single outage window on 12/19 from 9 AM - 1 PM to remove old wiring and install a new breaker and wiring for the new UPS.

This work will also include two short interruptions of the UPS-A panel: once while we disconnect it from the old UPS (6-8 AM on 12/19/20) and connect it to a temporary generator, that will be running 24/7 until the new UPS is installed; then once again to remove the temporary generator cables and let the new UPS assume the load (approximately 12 - 1 PM on 12/20/20).

All dual power devices should not experience a downtime from this work and outage, as they will only lose the UPS power leg once on the 19th and once on the 20th. I will contact all single power supply devices owners to ask them how they'd like to mitigate the outage for their devices.

If you have any questions, please contact Alex Giesler at 949-824-9494 or Ken Cooper at 949-824-3704.

Service Maintenance Status: Resolved


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