WiFi Zones

BuildingCampus Building NumberCoverage
Administrative Modular423Throughout building
Aldrich Hall (Administration) 111First Floor - Rooms 107, 117, 145
Second Floor - Room 256
Third Floor - 307, 228, 345, 354
Fourth Floor - Rooms 404, 415, 436
5th Floor - Throughout Floor
Alumni House233Coverage throughout 80% of building.
Anteater Ballpark Press Box917Throughout press box
Anteater Instruction and Research Building (AIRB)653Throughout building
Anteater Recreational Center (ARC)680Lobby
Rooms 221a and 232
Anteater Stadium911Throughout stadium
Arroyo Vista HousingResidential Areas
Arts & Computer Engineering522Throughout building
Science Library520
Beall Center712
B.C.'s Cavern500Throughout building
Beckman Laser Institute817Throughout building
Berk Hall802Throughout building
Berkeley Place004Berkeley Place North
Rooms 1101, 1111, 1131
2nd and 3rd floors - 100% coverage

Berkeley Place South, Coverage Map
Rooms 2317, 2701, 3600, 3750
Biological Sciences III5191200 Lecture Hall
Research Laboratory
512Throughout building
Bren Events Center901Koll conference room (Room 103)
Stewart conference room (Room 220)
Sports Arena (Between bleachers and sports area.)
Bren Hall314Throughout building
1100 Lecture Hall
Café Med800Throughout building
Campus VillageResidential Areas
Calit2 - California Institute for Telecommunications and Information
325First Floor - Atrium and auditorium
2nd, 3rd and 4th floors
Center for the Neurobiology of Learning & Memory516Bonney Research Laboratory - Building 512
Lobby, Rooms 121, 202, 214

Quires Research Facility - Building 506
Conference Room, Atrium, Room 111

Theoretical Neurobiology - Building 516
Room 108
Central Plant902Switch Room
Child Development Center090Rooms 106, 107
Claire Trevor School of the ArtsArts Plaza - outside Claire Trevor Theater and Drama Building
Arts Village Quad (Maya Lin Plaza)
Outside AITRC/Amphitheater
Contemporary Arts Center721Full Coverage
Claire Trevor Theater711
Crawford Clubhouse919Throughout building
Crawford Hall903Staff areas on 1st floor
Crawford Gym
Crawford Pool
Cross Cultural Center103Conference rooms A and B
Lounge and the two outdoor areas with tables on each side of the building.
Croul Hall417Throughout building
Rooms 1109, 1222, 2214, 2313, 3111, 3242, 3313
CyberA Cafe712
Disability Services 313Throughout building
Drama Building715Rooms 143/145 and 246
- Berkeley Place North
003Throughout building
Engineering & Computing Trailer317Throughout building
Engineering Gateway321Throughout building
Engineering Hall308Throughout building
Java City Kiosk
1200 Lecture Hall
Engineering Lab Facility323Floor 1 Rooms 108, 118
Floor 2 Room 208
Engineering Lecture Hall305110 Lecture Hall
100 Lecture Hall
Engineering Tower303Throughout building
Environmental Health & Safety041Rooms 101 - 131
Gateway Study Center101
Gillespie Neuroscience Research Facility837Conference room 1133
Gottschalk Medical Plaza820Throughout building
Gross Hall845 Throughout building
Grunigen Medical Library - Orange 22ALibrary Map of Wireless Zones
Hewitt Hall843Rooms 1042, 2062
Humanities Gateway611100% coverage
Humanities Hall6012nd Floor Classrooms and
Rooms 105, 142, 207a, 220, 251, 303, 340
Humanities Instructional Building610100% Coverage
Humanities Interim Classroom Facility523Coverage throughout building and shaded patio.
Also, 611A and 611B Trailers.
HIFC Classrooms
Intercollegiate Athletics Building625Classrooms 128, 129, 130, 131
Full coverage
Information & Computer Science302Throughout building
Information & Computer Science 2304Throughout building
Humanities Modular603Throughout building
Interim Classroom Facility315Throughout building
Irvine Hall8351st Floor
2nd Floor
Krieger Hall (Humanities Office Building)600100% Coverage
Langson Library102Library Map of Wireless Zones
Full coverage throughout building.
Law Building - Berkeley Place North004Rooms 1101, 1111, 1131
2nd and 3rd floors - 100% coverage
Facilities Management Building092Rooms 126 and 201
McDonnell Douglas Auditorium (attached to building 311)311Throughout building
McGaugh Hall503Throughout building
Medical Education Building836Throughout building
Medical Sciences Classroom Facility833Throughout building
Medical Sciences B811Suite 240
Medical Sciences Building D, Cheney Hall825Rooms 340, 426, 446, and 451
Medical Sciences Building E827Throughout building
Courtyard outside Med Sci E and Tamkin Student Lecture Hall
The Paul Merage School of Business II221Throughout building
Mesa Arts Building058Rooms 125 & 324
Mesa Court HousingFood Courts
Resident Recreation Center & Conference Rooms
Community Center
Lawn and Commons Area
Student Activity Center - Classroom
Residential Areas
Mesa Office Building059Conference Room 3000
Middle Earth Balin - Classroom
Woodhall - Classroom
Pippin - Classroom
Gondolin - Classroom
Bucklebury - Classroom
Residential Areas
Multipurpose Academic & Administrative Building002First Floor - 100% Coverage
Rooms 201c, 325 and 422
Multipurpose Science & Technology Building (MSTB)415Classrooms on first floor
Most of second floor
Music & Media Building MM 726Rooms 116, 216/218, and 316
Natural Sciences 1517Throughout building
Natural Sciences 2402Throughout building
Parkview Classroom Building403Throughout building
PCB 1100
Phoenix Food Court204Throughout building
Physical Sciences Classroom Building4131st & 2nd Floors
Physical Sciences High Bay404Throughout building
Physical Sciences Lecture Hall411Throughout building
PSLH 100 Lecture Hall
Production Studio (Arts)723Full Coverage
Frederick Reines Hall401Throughout building
Extends to plaza area.
Rockwell Engineering Center311Room 114 (Student Lounge)
Conference room 305d, including some of the surrounding offices.
McDonnell Douglas Auditorium
Rowland Hall400Throughout building
Howard Schneiderman Lecture Hall501Throughout building
Social & Behavioral Sciences Gateway214 
Social Ecology I210Conference rooms 112, 126, 300, and 306
Social Ecology II215Lecture Hall TEC - Room 1304 and 1306
Room 2311
Plaza between SSPA, SSPB and Social Ecology II
SE2 classrooms 1304/1306
Social Science Hall200 SSH 100
Social Science Laboratory202TEC Rooms 140 and 248
Classrooms 270 and 290
SSL 1st floor classrooms 105,119,122,129,152,155,159,168 & 171
SSL 2nd floor classroom 206
Plaza between Social Science Laboratory and Social Science Tower
Social Science Lecture Hall212SSLH 100
Social Science Plaza A211Classrooms 1148, 1165, 2102, 2142. 3151, 4128, 4186, 5130
(Coverage extends to entire floor on floors 2 - 5)
Social Science Plaza B213Floors 2 - 5 Rooms 2206, 2290, 3249, 4206, 4264, 5249
Social Science Tower201Throughout building
Social Science Trailer203 
Sprague Hall8393rd Floor, North Wing Room 307
Steinhaus Hall502Throughout building
Student Center113Conference Rooms, Student Study Centers, Food Courts and Terrace
Student Health Center005Lobby and hallways
Student Services 1 & 2105Conference Room 203 and part of Floors 1 and 2
Tamkin Student Lecture Building831Throughout building
Track & Field House907Throughout Building
Studio Four (Arts)725
University Club801Most of the University Club
University Extension Building H 236Throughout building Rooms 163, 167, 171, 172
University Tower41991st Floor - Suite F
2nd Floor - Suite 220
3rd Floor - Suites 350 & 380
William J. Gillepsie Performance Studios (Arts)728Rooms 1100/1130/1140
Winifred Smith Hall (Arts)710
Gavin Herbert Eye Institute850Basement, 1st & 3rd Floors
NO access on 2nd floor, as is leased out to a third party
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