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800MHz Radio System Upgrade

OIT is performing a major upgrade of the campus radio system, because the current system will soon be unsupportable.

The upgrade provides a modern digital standards-based system with many benefits:

  • more reliable
  • more secure
  • improved performance and capacity
  • better audio quality
  • supports new and improved radios.

Our old system will be removed from service Saturday January 14th at 7:00AM. We will then begin the process of upgrading subscriber radios to use the new system.

During the Upgrade

We are asking our customers to switch your radios to Channel 5 – Signal Peak on Zone 3 or Zone C and to operate there during the upgrade window.  Signal Peak is a separate standalone backup system from the campus trunked radio system and is available at all times. Please use your complete department call sign and keep your traffic as short as possible because we will be sharing a single channel during the move.

We will coordinate with each group to identify the primary location for radio updates, to prioritize updates, and to plan special handling to minimize the upgrade window.

Police and other critical systems will be upgraded between 8am and 1pm Saturday, and all others after 1pm.  Once all your units have been updated then you will be able to use the new production system.

We will have 4 locations on Saturday for converting subscriber portable and mobile radios to our new system: Police Department, Student Center, North Campus and our Administrative Modulars. On Sunday, January 15th, starting at 8am, we will perform upgrades at Student Center and our Administrative Modulars. After the weekend, we will continue to provide software updates at our Administrative Modulars during business hours.

We will send out a notification email message at the start of our maintenance window and then another when we are done so you can move back to normal operations.

Additional resources and information about the campus radio system can be found on the OIT web page at

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