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EEE Canvas Transition Update & Instructor Panel

Our campus is continuing the transition to a dynamic ecosystem of instructional technology tools centered around EEE+ Canvas and including custom services developed here at UCI within the Office of Information Technology.

OIT is sponsoring a transition update and instructor panel focused on one of the first major new development projects we are tackling as part of this transition: a complete replacement for the self-diagnostic evaluation mechanism currently found in the Legacy EEE system. Rebuilding select components of the Legacy EEE system will be an ongoing priority through the transition and this is an opportunity to learn more about that process.

EEE Canvas Transition Update & Instructor Panel
Thursday, June 1, 2017, 1 – 2:30 pm
Coffee & light refreshments will be served

CalIT2, Room 3008 (Map)

Panelists include:

  • Angela Jenks, Anthropology
  • Joel Veenstra, Arts-Drama
  • Renee Link, Chemistry

Your RSVP is appreciated:

Note: This event will be recorded (audio and video) for public dissemination.

You will have a chance to hear directly from instructors who have used EEE+ Canvas and are participating in the EEE+ Evaluations Pilot. They will provide you with a glimpse into their courses and share more about their experiences with making the transition.

Full details about this and the transition to EEE+ Canvas are available at the newly updated

For additional information about this event or the transition to EEE Canvas, please contact EEE:

Request Customized Canvas Presentation

If you would like to arrange for any presentations regarding the transition to a dynamic ecosystem of instructional technology tools with EEE Canvas at the center, please don’t hesitate to let EEE know. The EEE team would be happy to schedule information sessions for departments and schools.

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