IBM 10 Tririga Capital Projects Roll-Out

OIT, in collaboration with Facilities Management, rolled out a whole new implementation of Renovation Projects for Facilities Management with many new features and capabilities. This project involved a year of collaboration between Facilities Management business users and OIT personnel. In the past, a project of this scope would have been executed by an IBM Tririga partner but in this case, the Facilities IT team of OIT developed the technical expertise to implement this in-house.

Project Justification

Retiring our high-risk legacy application was long overdue. It was out of support and was running on an unsupported OS.

Key Features

  • All key project information is captured and shared with project managers, project inspectors, project accounting and customers.
  • Project milestones, fee schedules, and progress notes are continually updated and monitored.
  • Budgets like the Initial Funding Form, Change Budgets and Final Budgets for a project are added and rolled up.
  • History of documents relevant to the renovation project are scanned and maintained on the project.
  • An audit log is maintained to show all changes occurring on a renovation project.
  • Calculators were added to allow users to change budgets by adjustment amount or new budget amounts for various cost centers.
  • Another feature called Goal Seek in Excel was added to the system to allow project managers to reach specific goal numbers.
  • Auto calculation of certain fee types was added.
  • The application allows for reporting by various funding programs.
  • The new feature of Integration of renovation projects with Facilities Projects adds immense value to business users and, in the future, will greatly help campus users.
  • Adhoc query capabilities were added using campus-standard Cognos tools.
  • A whole array of Cognos reports were developed in addition to many Tririga reports to help senior management with decision making.
  • Two organizational hierarchies – one from Capital Planning and the other from KFS – were integrated into this application.
  • All data in the legacy application was migrated to the new system.
  • This project adds immense value for campus users, who will soon be able to retrieve latest renovation project information from the IBM 10 Tririga portal.

Client Testimonials and Comments

The migration of our renovation projects tracking system to the same version of Tririga supporting our CMMS helps meet a longtime goal of improving our operational efficiency and reducing the burden of shadow systems.  Our OIT team was responsive and worked with us every step of the way to make sure our basic needs were met.  We look forward to further system enhancements already identified that will continue to improve Facilities Management’s ability to support the campus community.

— Leslie Pearlman, Principal Consultant, Facilities Management

OIT worked closely with Facilities Management to identify our key requirements and executed a difficult migration. The migration went as seamlessly as could be expected because of the planning and attention to detail by OIT and the FM IT group. OIT held the hand of our users through the migration which made the adjustment easy. Thanks to OIT for great support.

— Allen Shiroma, Director, Project Services, Engineering & Energy

From a PM’s perspective, with the new database the system is more responsive when accessing data than 8i.  The package now integrates with the IBM10 demand side and opens up possibilities for future integration with other project-related groups such as Contracts.  Overall, the transition of old 8i data into the new database was also done quite well and historical data is still available.

— Joseph Fleshman, P.E. Manager, Construction Project Services