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OIT Website Feature Tour

The new OIT web site is full of features intended to make it easier for UCI faculty, staff, and students to find the information and services you need. Here is a brief tour of some of those features.

OIT Services

services OIT Web Site Feature TourIf you’re looking for information on a particular service, you can browse the Services tab of the menu bar (see image on right).

Or access the services directly from the alphabetical list on the home page:

services2 OIT Web Site Feature Tour

Audience Landing Pages

One of the most significant changes is our new Audience Menu at the top of the website.  We have created audience landing pages to make it easier to find OIT services that relevant to various campus audiences. Each link goes to a page with a collection of links relevant to that group (undergraduates, faculty, staff, researchers, etc.)

community OIT Web Site Feature Tour

Homepage Sidebar

Other areas of note are arranged on the right edge of the home page.

Service Alerts

Service alerts will advise you when there are issues with a major campus service:

alerts OIT Web Site Feature Tour

Login to Email and Calendar Services

There is a convenient set of links with logins to various email, calendar, and file storage services:

login2 OIT Web Site Feature Tour

Top Tasks

As well as a convenient collection of links for common needs:

tasks OIT Web Site Feature Tour

Get Help

There is also a sidebar with links to various forms of assistance:

help OIT Web Site Feature Tour

Security Updates

Stay informed about the latest IT Security Updates from OIT’s Security Team.Security Updates

Website Feedback

Finally, if you have suggestions for improvement to the site (either corrections or additions to a page, or new pages that would be useful to you) there is a feedback gadget on the right side of every page:

feedback OIT Web Site Feature Tour

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