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Protect your accounts with Multi-factor Authentication

Password theft and online account compromise is one the biggest risks we all face in today’s increasingly connected world. Passwords and secret questions/answers are no longer enough to protect online accounts because they are easily stolen via phishing, and criminals are learning to use other personal information to reset passwords and gain access to your accounts. We have had real-life cases at UCI where employee account passwords were compromised and an attacker redirected electronic paycheck disbursement from the employee’s bank account to their own.

A better protection is to use “multi-factor authentication” (MFA), also known as “two step verification”, requiring anyone trying to get into your account not only to know what your password is, but also have physical access to something you own, such as a mobile phone or token.

A variety of MFA options are available to UCI faculty and staff.


Duo is an MFA system at UCI which is applicable to several kinds of login. Setting up Duo is easy, and allows you to confirm (e.g. with your smartphone) that a login attempt is authentic. Learn how to set up Duo.


WebAuth is one of the key ways you use your UCInetID to access online information and tools. You can opt to link WebAuth and Duo as a way of increasing the security of your UCInetID and password.

Office 365

Exchange users (Outlook, O365,, Skype for Business) can link that login to Duo.

UCI G Suite (Google – GMail)

Google offers their own MFA solution.

Other logins for options to secure other accounts with MFA.

My Account Activity

While these MFA systems are optional, we highly recommend you take advantage of them. We also encourage you to review how your UCInetID is being used, to spot suspicious behavior quickly.

Cybersecurity resources

UCI and UCOP have collected security information at UCI’s Information Security and Privacy website and UC’s systemwide Information Security Awareness website

Questions and Information

You can find the answers to many questions at OIT’s Help Center (OIT’s website) or contact the Help Desk ( or 949-824-2222).

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