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Sponsored UCInetID Changes

OIT has made some fundamental improvements to the system that enables and maintains sponsored UCInetIDs.

Choose the Expiration Date

You may now choose any calendar date for a sponsored UCInetID to expire (or require renewal).  Previously, you could only authorize a sponsored UCInetID through the end of a chosen academic quarter.  (The duration limit remains one year or four quarters, at which time the UCInetID must be reviewed and/or renewed.)

Revoke Sponsorhip

You may now revoke sponsorship. If your visitor or guest leaves UCI, and is no longer eligible for a sponsored UCInetID, it is best for security to end their access.  The UCInetID will be removed overnight on the day you select, including the current day.

Transfer Sponsorship Responsibility

We also have a form whereby you may transfer responsibility for your sponsored UCInetIDs to someone else.  You may wish to do that if your job responsibilities change, or if you plan to leave UCI or retire. Departmental authorities can also do this in the event you are unable to.

Note: For Health Sciences Sponsors, requests for Sponsored UCInetIDs will now be approved by UCI Health Information Systems rather than OIT.

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