TRS – Shared Service with UC Hastings

OIT launched TRS (Time Reporting System) on February 1, 2017 as a new shared service for UC Hastings College of Law. The system is now OIT’s 2nd multi-location application to be hosted from the AWS cloud platform, and the first application among homegrown systems traditionally supported by OIT commodity teams. This project is not only a highly collaborative effort between the three UC locations: UCI, UCHastings and UCOP, but also a highly collaborative effort between various teams within OIT. Because of the dedication and hard work of various units within OIT, as well as a strong leadership under Kian Colestock as the project sponsor and initiator, a successful launch was made possible. 

The TRS System is live, in the cloud, for UC Hastings monthly employees and ready to support the remaining campus population including Bi-weekly employees and students later this month.

TRS Videos

UCH Trailer for TRS

UCH Career Non-Exempt Employee Training Video

UCH Student & Temp TRS Training Video

UCH Supervisor TRS Training Video

Background on TRS

The Time Reporting System (TRS) is a web-based time reporting system which is designed to collect employee work hours, acquire supervisor’s approval, and upload work time electronically to the Payroll Personnel System (PPS) or equivalent (Peoplesoft). TRS utilizes the UC time and attendance business rules to capture hour types including work hours, vacation, sick, comp time used, leave without pay (LWOP), voting, jury duty, PTO and ERIT. TRS also computes overtime, shift differential, and holiday pay.

Background on the Project

This collaborative project endeavors to install, configure and integrate the TRS application with the UCHastings College of Law time and attendance processes and other required enterprise systems and databases. Post implementation, the ongoing IT support will follow a software as a service model between the SSP (shared service provider, UCIrvine) and the client campus (UCHastings College of Law).


  • Initial discussion and exploration – February 2015
  • Formal gap analysis – April/May 2015
  • Project officially started – February 2016
  • Project launch – February 1, 2017

Congratulations from Directors

Kian Colestock, Assistant CIO and Project Sponsor

I just wanted to take a moment to thank the entire project team for putting in the hard work over the last year to move this from concept to completion. It started as an informal conversation between UCI and UC Hastings during a UCIT shared service event and blossomed into a great example of how a cross UC collaboration can benefit both locations in achieving their local goals while adding new capability to the collective. As a result of this project we have laid down the template for other shared service projects to follow and execute on without the need to overcome the same hurdles.

Deborah Tran, UCHastings Controller and Project Owner

All systems are go and full steam ahead to full implementation later this month!  You are right to highlight the collaboration between our 3 sites.  It’s been tremendous and one which I hope we all can draw from when looking to future for continuous improvement!

Tom Andriola, VP and CIO at UCOP

My congratulations to the team on its collaborative efforts to bring this project to completion.  To build on Kian’s statement, it IS a great example of collaboration between sites for mutual benefit as well as a more effective way of leverage IT investments at the University

Larry Delaney, Senior Applications Manager, UCOP

We in UCOP ITS are very happy to have had the opportunity to work with and support our colleagues at Hastings and UCI on this very important and successful initiative. Much congrats to the entire team!