Implementation Plans

  • Office 365 Schedule Plan
    OIT is currently migrating all on-prem Exchange users to Office365 for Email, Calendar, Skype For Business and OneDrive.
  • Calendar and Email
    OIT recommends that all Exchange/Office 365 users consider using Exchange for both calendaring and email.  Exchange and Outlook were designed to integrate calendar and email to enhance user productivity, and the calendaring experience is optimized when email is integrated into Exchange.
  • Moving From OIT IMAP
    For those users who are interested in moving their OIT IMAP email to Exchange, OIT will assist with moving the IMAP mail directly from the IMAP server to OIT local Exchange BEFORE moving the user mailbox to Office 365.  This service will not be offered AFTER the user is moved to Office 365.
  • Manually Moving Email
    Alternatively, after the user is moved to Office 365, mail can be moved manually to Office 365 at any time by the “self-supporting” user or their local IT support. Currently, this is the only option for users moving from Gmail to Office365.
  • Moving Contacts, Lists, and Mail Folders
    Self-supporting users or their local support will be responsible for moving any desired contacts, distribution lists, or local mail folders to Office 365.
  • Calendar Only
    “Calendar-only” users can be scheduled to be moved to Office 365 whenever they or their local IT supporters are ready.
  • Timeline
    OIT is currently working with departments to move all current Exchange users to Office365. The expected completion date is December, 2015.
  • Skype for Business (formerly Lync)
    OIT will enable licensing for Skype For Business and OneDrive as part of the planned email and calendar moves to Office365.
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