Getting Started with OneDrive

What is OneDrive?

OneDrive is a file hosting, collaboration, and synchronization service operated by Microsoft and is part of the UCI Office 365 ProPlus license.  It allows you to store and share documents remotely and access them from a web browser, mobile client or desktop client.  In addition, the OneDrive desktop application allows you to sync to your local drive.

For UCI staff and faculty, OneDrive comes with a generous 1TB of storage space.

How do I get OneDrive?

For clients of OIT Desktop Support, OneDrive is being deployed according to a rollout schedule.

If you are in a School or the Library, departmental policy will determine when OneDrive becomes available. Please partner with your CSCs.

HS users should open a ticket with the HS Help Desk for support.

How do I use OneDrive?

You can use OneDrive simply by logging into UCI Office 365 and selecting the 'dialpad' icon in the upper-left corner to see the full list of Office 365 web applications. Select "OneDrive" to access the application.

Where can I learn how to use OneDrive?

Microsoft has excellent training materials on their website.

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