Co-Location Pricing

Co-Location Pricing for OIT Academic Data Center

OIT delineates the pricing to UCI and UCI-affiliated organizations for the monthly costs of hosting computing hardware in the OIT Data Center (OITDC).

For UCI organizations providing services to the overall UCI community, charges may be waived by OIT.

UCI Organizations, Research Units, and Departments

  • The monthly cost of hosting a  rack mounted system on a OIT provided rack will be $11.25 per month per ‘U’ of system width.  Non-racked mounted systems are discouraged from this service and will be charged for the equivalent “Us” of vertical height in a rack.
  • Systems using 20 or more “Us” will be charged the maximum of $400 per month.
  • A system providing its own rack will be billed based on the $400 per month amount.

Other UCI-Affiliated Organizations

  • At this time, no remaining space is available for affiliated organizations.

Installation Costs

The cost of installing a system to the OITDC power and network will be borne by the owners of the systems.  OIT will recharge the owners for any Facilities Management costs associated with the system.  Power and nominal network usage are included in the monthly pricing.

Additional Information

OIT is committed to helping researchers and departments locate professional housing for their mission-critical computing equipment.  It is possible that the standard services outlined above will not fit your particular situation well.  Please contact Ken Cooper (ext. 4-3704),Data Center Manager, to discuss your needs further.