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Co-Location Services

Currently, OIT’s provides space within the OITDC for non-OIT’s systems that could make use of the capabilities within the room which are lacking (power, AC) in other campus environments.   The type of ‘co-location’ service that best fits a user’s needs is usually determined by the system in question, the long-term support costs for the system and its placement in the OITDC, and system administration support available to the system owner.  At present, OIT’s provides three service types with differing costs:

  1. Co-locations Service Only
    • Provides OITDC environment to the system.  System can consist of an entire ‘rack’ of rack-mountable systems, a smaller set of rack mounted systems, or even non-rack mounted systems within a provided enclosure.  We encourage rack mounted systems to minimize user costs.  No system administration service is provided to the system.  Access is provided to the OITDC for outside system administrators.   Current pricing for this services can be found below.
  2. Co-location with A System Administration Contract
    • Same as #1 but also includes system administration services through OIT’s Distributed Computing Services.  See Enterprise Unix Services for a complete listing of prices. Co-location costs are separate.
  3. Join the MPC Consortium
    • For system owners about to purchase rack-mounted systems to create ‘Beowulf-type’ computational clusters.  For more details on this option please review the HPC website.

Pricing and Sample Agreement