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OITDC Capabilities

OIT maintains and operates the Data Center for OIT’s computing services and those of ‘co-located’ campus partners.  The facility located on the 1st Floor of the Engineering Gateway (EG) Building (East Side) contains essential power, air conditioning, flooring, and networking capabilities appropriate for large-scale ‘service’ computing systems.  The facility is operated ’24×7′ every day of the year.  Access is available from the interior of the building as well as through large (accessible by up to 84-inch tall computer racks) double doors to the EG loading dock.

Among the Special Capabilities of the OITDC are:

  • A 12-inch raised false-floor throughout the facility allowing easy access for power cabling, networking, and airflow.
  • Four 20-Ton chilled-water air conditioning units capable of providing cooling for upwards of of 250KW of heat generated by computing equipment within the facility.
  • Electrical power available in multiple ‘types’ based on system need.  Includes two Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems (one with 52KW and the other with upwards of 120KW capacities) which filter and maintain power during short power outages and ‘brownouts’. Access to emergency power via a building generator for extended power outages for most critical campus systems.
  • At present we offer three power ‘Types’ based on power during outages, each one appropriate for differing needs:
    • Type I – Generator backed electrical circuits plus UPS for campus critical systems which must remain operating even through an extended power failure
    • Type II – Commercial power plus UPS for protection of power transients, brownouts, and other short term ( less than 10 minute) power failures
    • Type III – Commercial power only.  Useful for secondary power supplies for dual-powered, high criticality systems.

Images of OITDC critical components