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Sample Co-Location Agreement

A sample agreement between OIT and a Co-Located system owner defining the terms and the service expectations between both parties.

Agreement to UCI’s School of XXXXXX  to provide Co-Location Services of their Computing Equipment in the OIT Engineering Gateway Data Center (OITDC).

Duration of Agreement:

  • Agreement will begin May 1, 2013 and will be in force indefinitely.
  • The agreement can be ended at the discretion of the OIT Director and/or the Dean of the School of XXXXXX.  There will be up to a 60 day period between the discontinuation of the agreement and the removal of the equipment from the OITDC.
  • Co-location of the equipment to start May 1, 2013 (billing to start after that date – see below)
  • School of XXXXXX  support personnel to have access to the OITDC after April 25, 2013 for equipment deployment and configuration.

What OIT will do before April 1, 2013:

  • Identify space with the OIT EG OITDC for placement of the XXXXXX  computing rack.
  • Provide power to the above mentioned rack.
  • Provide switched 10/100Mbit networking to the systems on the rack.
  • Provide access to the OITDC for XXXXXX  computing support staff  for the initial delivery, deployment, and configuration of the computing equipment.
  • Establish a recharge process between both groups to collect co-location changes.  First billing to tentatively start May 1, 2013.

Service Expectations:

OIT will provide the following ‘environmental’ features to the XXXXXX  computing rack:

  • Power will be available to accommodate all devices on the rack.  This power is filtered and backed up by a large scale UPS system currently capable of roughly 30 minutes of operation without commercial power connection.  A building generator with at least 8 hours of capacity (and an indefinite capacity if continually refueled) backs up the circuits as well and is automatically triggered within seconds by automatic relays.  As such, the UPS acts as a power bridge between a power failure and the generator power.
  • HVAC is provided to the equipment rack via three, large HVAC units in the room.  Room temperature and humidity are optimized for electronic devices.
  • Up to 24 ports of switched 10/100Mbit networking are available to the rack.  Upstream networking is similar to central OIT services, i.e., connection to UCInet.
  • A member of the OIT Response Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide access control to the room and to coordinate service problems to appropriate XXXXXX  computing support staff.  They can be reached via cell phone, campus phone, or e-mail at all times.  During normal business hours, the OIT Response Center is available to deal with a wider range of issues.

Access to the OITDC by XXXXXX  Computing Support Staff:

  • XXXXXX  Computing Support Staff have access to the OIT EG OITDC at all times.  To gain access, XXXXXX  Computing Support Staff are required to contact the OIT Response Center in person, by telephone (x42222 or x46065), or via e-mail ( as appropriate.  Photos of XXXXXX  Computing Support Staff will be kept for ID purposes.
  • XXXXXX  Computing Support Staff are asked not to interfere with the operation, of OIT or OIT-supported equipment in anyway.  If they believe there is need to do so, they must contact OIT Response Center staff, usually the person who provided them access into the room.

No system administration support from OIT:

  • OIT staff will provide no system administration support of XXXXXX  Computing Support Staff equipment.
  • The only exception will be in the proper operation of the networking equipment and services provided to the computer rack. Networking problems are to be reported to the OIT EG Networking Admin (Mike Iglesias, x46926) or the OIT Networking Operations on-call staff (via the Response Center number x42222)
  • The OIT Response Center staff will, as usual, monitor most campus-wide computing services.  As such, they will often be the first to learn (from users or sys admin staff) of service problems.  Problems related to XXXXXX  systems will be communicated to XXXXXX  computing support staff.

Network Capacity:

  • OIT will provide sufficient network bandwidth for the XXXXXX  services using switched 10/100 Mbit networking services.  OIT will monitor the network usage of the systems and where usage is above a ‘nominal’ level, extra fees may be charged to XXXXXX  .  The ‘nominal’ level will be determined by the OIT Director.

Business Plan:

 In exchange for the use of the OIT EG OITDC space and services outlined above, the School of XXXXXX  will pay OIT the following costs:

  • The sum of $200 per month for the duration of the agreement.  If additional space is required, the rate will be $200 per month for each additional tile space used (approximately, 4-6 sq feet), i.e., per rack.

Billing to start May 1, 2013, if the equipment is fully installed before that date.

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