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OneDrive Group Accounts

Requesting a Group Account

Everyone with a UCI Office 365 account has access to an individual OneDrive account.

To request a group account for business processes that require multiple people to access shared departmental data, please create an Incident in ServiceNow.

Managing a Group Account

OneDrive group accounts will have ‘owners’ who will manage the membership of the group and ‘members’ who will have access to read/write files and create sharing links.

Note that group membership is intended to provide access to all of the files and folders in the group account. Group owners and members can share individual files or folders with "read" or edit access to other users internal or external to UCI.

Roles and Capabilities

Role Manage Group Access to files, folders, and sharing Access to specific files and folders that are shared by members
Owners x x
Members x
Sharing Recipients x

Definition of Roles

  • Owners - Group owners can add or remove members.
  • Members - Members can access everything in the group, but can't change group settings.
  • Sharing Recipients – People who receive a sharing invitation can access the specific files and folders that are shared by members.

Group Owners

When you request a group and it is created you are designated as an owner and member. Please designate a second owner if possible.

Group Settings

To access the group settings and manage membership, follow the link in the welcome message sent to your inbox to view the group in Outlook or Outlook on the web: (If you have a version of Outlook older than 2106, you will need to use Outlook on the web)

Welcome to your OneDrive group

This will take you to an overview of the group where you can manage membership.

View Members of your group

Click on members to add and remove members.

Add or remove members

Using a Group Account

New members will be notified by email and will need to access the group by clicking on the welcome message (same as the screenshot above sent to owners). 

On the next page, click on the link Add to the team site  

Welcome to OneDrive Group

This opens up the team site in SharePoint and links the group’s files to your OneDrive account. It is recommended to close the SharePoint view and wait until the Group appears in your OneDrive Shared Libraries

Note that it will take approximately one hour after connecting for the first time for the group’s files to appear in your OneDrive Shared libraries.

After following the link one time, and waiting one hour, members can access the group’s files by connecting to their personal OneDrive account and accessing the group’s name in Shared Libraries in the left column. See the screenshot below.

Link to OneDrive account:

This is the view of a Group OneDrive account. In this example, I am logged in as a member of the group. I can access it from my O365 OneDrive page in the Shared Libraries column on the left:

Group Drive

Owners and members can share files with the same controls as an individual OneDrive account.


When sharing from a group account, the sharing invitation is addressed from the individual who sent it, not the group.

Sharing a group file/folder externally via direct link works the same as sharing your individual OneDrive Files. When sending a direct link to external users, the verification code may be sent to the SPAM folder for Gmail users.

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