OIT Faculty Advisory Committee


The Office of Information Technology (OIT) manages critical campus resources on behalf of the UCI faculty and the extended university community. An effective advisory mechanism is essential to ensure OIT operates in harmony with overall campus goals.

Currently, OIT receives advice and input using a variety of informal and formal mechanisms, including the Academic Senior Managers (ASMs), School IT Directors, the Computing Support Coordinators (CSC), and the Computing Lab Coordinators (CLC). The official Academic Senate advisory mechanism is the Council on Research, Computing and Library Resources (CoRCLR), where the Chief Information Officer (CIO) participates as an ex-officio member.

The OIT Advisory Committee Summary and Members

Committee Structure

The OIT Faculty Advisory Committee (OIT FAC) meets regularly to review current and future computing and telecommunication issues and directions. Additional details follow:

  • Meeting Schedule: Approximately every other month
  • Participation: The goal is for the OIT FAC to broadly represent the campus by having a faculty member from each school serve. When no faculty member can be identified, the school IT Director or Assistant Dean participates.
  • CoRCLR Participation: The OIT FAC includes one or more current members of the Academic Senate Council on Research, Computing and Library Resources.
  • ASM/School ID Director participation: One representative comes from the Academic Senior Manager (ASM) group and one from the School IT Directors group.
  • Chair: The OIT FAC is chaired by the campus CIO.
  • Mailing List: The advisory group may be contacted as a whole via the mailing list “oit-faculty-advisory@uci.edu